Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 months!!!

Delaney is THREE months old today! Sorry that we haven't updated in a while, but Kelly is back to work (I'll call it "most time") and I've been very busy at the office.

In mid October, Kelly and Delaney spent a week at the Houle house helping Carol recover from her back surgery. So far so good, and we'd like to think that Delaney's smiles helped with the healing process

We've been having more fun, the three of us, we'll four if you include Ollie! While we didn't actually trick or treat for Halloween, we did get dressed up for the occasion.

Last weekend, we went down to the Cape to visit Kris and Abby, who we hadn't seen in forever! Delaney and the technicolor dream pants!

Anyways, we have lots more pictures that we can show all of you when we see you soon over the holidays!