Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Still Snowing!!!


Delaney has been helping more and more lately... she helped her mom make some Christmas cookies...

She's been up to some trouble too! She's not potty trained yet, but we're making some progress, sorta...

Here she got her hand on some toilet paper when we weren't looking!

Posing for her Christmas picture. Miraculously Kelly had the idea to take her picture for our Christmas card, and Delaney was in a good mood; we got the dress on, pictures taken, and photos developed and mailed within 4 hours!

A few picture from Christmas... here's one of Delaney, Grandma, and her new cousin Sophia.

Delaney and her cousin Kathleen visiting at Grandma's house.

Delaney in her Christmas dress again...

Another one of Delaney and Kathleen, having a little snack together.

After Christmas and Grandma and Grandpa Whitmore's, we went Easthampton to visit with the Houle familly. Here's cousin Michael and Papa Barton at Lola and Papa Houle's house.

Nanny B is here holding baby Ethan while Delaney looks on! Guess what her new favorite word is? Baby!... baby, baby, baby, baby, baby... I think you get the point.

Here's Delaney on the beach, and that's not white sand. We've had a lot of snow here this winter... we haven't seen the grass since we came home from our Christmas trip.

A nice picture of mom and daughter!

Everyone was talking about how long her hair was getting, and they were right. Not that it was too long, but she had a bit of a mullet going on, so we cut a little bit off the back.

Well, Kelly cut about 1 millimeter off, and then I laughed at her, and then she went back and took off a little more.

TOUCHDOWN!!! We watched some football too. This is Delaney cheering on the Saints (like the shirt?). Too bad they lost.

Baby baby baby!!!....

Another one of her favorite words, Hat! Posing with her playbuddy Ollie.

She's also into dressing up, another hat! She is our Glosta girl!

And last, some sledding, taking advantage of a nice day sunny winter day.