Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the Season!

Holiday greetings everyone!

Sorry that it has taken so long for us to update the blog, but we've been busy traveling for Thanksgiving and visiting with friends and family. I've been particularly busy with work lately, but everything is going well, so no complaints. Grandma and Grandpa Whitmore came to visit Rockport the weekend before Thanksgiving.

We traveled down to New Jersey to visit AJ, Monica, and baby Kathleen for Thanksgiving. We had a great time with the two little ones! Here's a picture of Kelly and Delaney in her turkey day dress.

We should note, that she had the dress on for a whopping 90 minutes before she had a blowout... but at least we got the picture in!

After visiting with Monica and AJ we went to visit Lola and Papa Houle for the weekend. We had a nice time with everybody, and they were more than happy to help out, thanks Brian!

Here's a picture with everyone who came to dinner that night... Brian and Katie, Nana and Papa Barton, Papa Houle, Michael's in the middle, Delaney's hiding on Nana B, and Kelly and I (Lola insisted on taking the picture). We had a heck of a time trying to get Nana B to keep her eyes open, she just kept laughing!

Delaney is getting bigger. At her 4 month appointment this past Monday, she weighed in at 16 lbs, 6 ounces and was around 26.5" long. The doc says her length is in the 99th percentile, and her weight the 95th... so she's a big baby!!!! Because of this, she's already playing in her exersaucer (or whatever those things are called)....

And she's not all big muscle... she's smart too! By Thanksgiving she'd already figured out how to hold her own bottle.

She still gets tired though. She's doing a good job of sitting up on her own (somewhat).... but when we take our eyes off her, sometimes she'll just fall right asleep.

That's what we've got for now.... we'll try to update soon!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 months!!!

Delaney is THREE months old today! Sorry that we haven't updated in a while, but Kelly is back to work (I'll call it "most time") and I've been very busy at the office.

In mid October, Kelly and Delaney spent a week at the Houle house helping Carol recover from her back surgery. So far so good, and we'd like to think that Delaney's smiles helped with the healing process

We've been having more fun, the three of us, we'll four if you include Ollie! While we didn't actually trick or treat for Halloween, we did get dressed up for the occasion.

Last weekend, we went down to the Cape to visit Kris and Abby, who we hadn't seen in forever! Delaney and the technicolor dream pants!

Anyways, we have lots more pictures that we can show all of you when we see you soon over the holidays!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Months!!

Well, little Delaney has done quite a bit of traveling the last month. She went to visit her grandparents in North East, PA. While she didn't make it to the Wine Festival, she was kicked out of a winery for the first time (long story, but thanks Spencer!). She had a great time relaxing with Grandpa Whitmore though!

The weekend after the wine festival, we went to the Topsfield Fair for the day, watched the high dive act, saw little piggies racing around a course (and swimming too) and we saw the pumpkin that won first place at the fair

The week after that, Delaney got another cousin! So we traveled to Bernardsville, NJ to visit Willie's brother and sister-in-law AJ and Monica, and their new baby Kathleen Mae. Go figure that after only two months, Delaney would be twice as big! The good news is that everyone is happy and healthy!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

First month update!

Okay folks, sorry it's taken so long to bring up some new pictures, but Delaney and Kelly decided to take a vacation on the Cape for a few days, leaving me with no camera, and then we've all been playing catch up since then. BUT! Here's some photos from their little vacation.


Her first boat ride out to Nantucket Sound... obviously cousin Mikey understands that Papa Houle drives a little fast since he's offering to hold onto Delaney

While Kelly tried and tried to get Delaney to go for a swim, apparently she wasn't up for it, and just decided to snooze. At least she caught on that hitting the beach is relaxing!

After they finished their beach vacation, they came back up to Rockport where we hung out for a few days, and then we went to Julie and Jay's wedding in western MA. What a great time we had.... including Delaney's first dance with Dad

And now, these more recent days, Kelly and Delaney are spending the day together, relaxing, eating, sleeping, and hanging out. At her one month check up, she weighed in at 10lb, 12oz and grew more than an inch to 23 1/4". She's starting to follow us with her eyes a little more

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 weeks!!!

Well, we've reached the two week point, and her check-up was good!!! She's back above her birthweight, and she's sleeping in 4 hour chunks (sometimes we still have to wake her up to eat!) so we're feeling some more energy also! Which is why it's taken so long to post... we've been trying to catch up with errands, etc... But the family seems to be doing well!

Delaney's been doing a lot of sleeping.....

And staring.......

And, according to everything we've read... smiling when she passes gas...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who needs sleep?

Well, we've been home for three days now, and we're sorta starting to figure this out a little bit! Delaney's not up much for sleeping at night, that or she's just hungry all night long (we can't figure out the difference yet)... but we're finding ways to sneak some naps in during the day. Grandma and Grandpa Whitmore helped us from Thursday night through Sunday morning, and Uncle AJ and Aunt Monica showed up with dinner on Saturday night. While Delaney lost some weight initially, she's definitely coming back up to speed! Ollie is doing great!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Delaney Arrives!

Well, Delaney Ann was born at 1:20pm on August 11th... Kelly said it may be the best anniversary gift yet. Anyways, things are going fine... she loves to eat! The delivery went really well.... Kelly was awesome, and with the help of a mild narcotic, was able to go epidural free, which was a goal of hers. Total labor time was around 9 1/2 hours. Delaney weighed in at 7lb, 14oz... no length measurement yet.

Since I have some time to post while Delaney feeds, I will add more pictures as the time comes... and I will start sending out the word about the web updates.

Monday, June 15, 2009

So We Jumped on the Bandwagon... Sorta

Well, everyone seemed to like the website we set up for our wedding five years ago, and we have another major life change coming up, so we thought we needed another outlet for pics, etc. We just couldn't get ourselves to sign up for facebook... at least "blog" sounds like a verb... "facebook" does not... and we're not going to be "facebooking" or "facing" anyone. Sorry face fans.

Anyways, what to say, what to say... How about "Kelly is fine" and our due date is August 13th.

We'll add some pictures when we get around to it.